Mead | Hidromiel Zángana Asturiana

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From 100% Asturian honey; we made this medium-low alcohol content, semidry, light in taste Zangana, with medium carbonation and intense fruit scents.

Ideal for pairing with salads, fruits and fatty cheeses.

Alcohol content 5.2%

Naturally free from gluten and other allergens.

Zangana Mead is a craft beverage made in Asturias in an artisanal process so it may contain natural sediments from the in-bottle fermentation. Ingredients: springwater from the Las Xanas spring in Quirós, 100% Spanish honey and select yeasts.

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Zangana Asturian Mead. Details:

  • Semidry mead
  • Carbonated gas from in-bottle natural fermentation (medium carbonation)
  • In a cardboard box, specially for transporting beverages
  • 33cl bottles
  • Alcoholic content: 5.2%
  • Zangana is a naturally gluten-free product

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