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This recipe was designed to be especially refreshing. It is fermented at low temperatures and it is lighter in taste, dryer and is more carbonated than our other meads, which works together to make it more thirst quenching on even the warmest days. Semisweet and naturally carbonated in-bottle.

Ideal for pairing with salads, vegetables, seafood and soft cheeses.

Alcohol content 5%.

Naturally free from gluten and other allergens.

Zangana Mead is a craft beverage made in Asturias in an artisanal process so it may contain natural sediments from the in-bottle fermentation. Ingredients: springwater from the Las Xanas spring in Quirós, 100% Spanish honey and select yeasts.

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Zangana Springtime Mead. Details:

  • Semidry mead
  • Carbonated gas from in-bottle natural fermentation (medium carbonation)
  • In a cardboard box, specially for transporting beverages
  • 33cl bottles
  • Alcohol content: 5%
  • Zangana is a naturally gluten-free product

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