Our history

Our history

Three chemical engineers who were classmates at the Universidad de Oviedo but went separate ways for a time had the idea of setting out on this project together. Fans of mead and committed to making quality products they decided to go after this dream and call it Zangana.

After two years of research and product development, they felt they could offer something new, something good. A mead which is different from all the others, that would attract all those who had never tried mead before and that would satisfy those who were already fans of this ancient beverage.

They then founded SMA Asturian Food&Drinks S.L., an Asturian company that has focussed on developing the Zangana trademark since 2018 and taking its products everywhere.

Our principles

SMA Asturian Food&Drinks S.L. was born with the goal of making craft mead in the privileged surroundings of the Principality of Asturias and selling it locally and globally. With this in mind, it tries to satisfy its end costumers through innovation in the food and beverages market. These are the key principles which we abide by in our activity

It’s a good time for traditional food products in today’s markets. This can be made sustainable over time if we adapt traditional products and methods to the wide variety of tastes and needs of consumers today. In this sense, SMA looks to innovate in three areas: final products, in order to adapt them to the interests of consumers; manufacturing methods, to make them more efficient and sustainable; and customer service, with great focus on direct communication through social media.

For SMA the highest quality standards in a product are achieved when a deep knowledge of manufacturing methods is combined with a careful selection of ingredients and a high degree of control and knowledge of the processes. This together with careful attention to customers, allows us to achieve the best quality standards in our products.

At SMA we believe that manufacturing must be taken as something personal, putting into it all the love, care and interest possible. This way we escape industrial scale manufacturing, choosing to work with small batches, craft methods and natural ingredients.

Local production

Delocalised production is hurting the economy and society around us, and also reducing the quality of the products and the trust consumers put in them. At SMA we want to place special emphasis on local production, using local ingredients as much as possible. And of course, manufacturing all of our products in our craft meadery in Santo Adriano (Asturias, Spain).


The surroundings we are lucky enough to live next to deserve the greatest care from our society and its companies. This is why SMA manufactures all of its products controlling its environmental impact, as much as possible, taking into account the whole life cycle.

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