Making a drink like Zángana requires very sophisticated processes, meticulously selected natural ingredients and a lot of care in each step of the elaboration process. Here the secret is not in the mixture, it is in our passion for mead.

100% Spanish honey

The origin of the honey is a guarantee of the quality of our products. The honey of some origins (for example, a mixture of honeys originating and not originating in the EU) has a high probability of being adulterated with water, colourants or different glucose syrups, thus reducing its natural qualities and beneficial effects on health. On the contrary, honey from Spain is one of the most appreciated worldwide and most of it is consumed outside our country where it is paid for at a good price, while in our supermarkets we find cheap honey from Romania, Hungary, Mexico or in most cases China.

hidromiel zangana sin gluten

Natural carbonation

Zángana mead is produced by fermenting a mixture of select honey and water using traditional methods.

Subsequently, it finishes fermenting in the bottle to achieve the exact amount of carbonation (gas) that makes it special.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the elements that differentiates this drink, one of the oldest in the history of mankind and which we elaborate with much affection from a small corner in the heart of Asturias.

hidromiel zangana sin gluten

Without preservatives

Zángana does not contain sulphites or any other product used in the industry to preserve food. However, it is preserves for a long time thanks to its properties and those of the honey.

This makes our mead 100% natural; the commitment to use natural ingredients in all our products is one of our pillars, we want everyone to enjoy it.

hidromiel zangana sin gluten


Mead is a naturally gluten-free product. Since no wheat is used to make it, it does not contain gluten. Other products that naturally do not contain gluten, such as wine or cider, can become contaminated with gluten because they use a vat in which there has previously been beer or other origins. No beer is brewed in our facilities and there is no potential source of gluten, so we can guarantee that Zángana Mead is 100% gluten-free.

hidromiel zangana sin gluten

How to enjoy your Zángana

There are a thousand ways to enjoy your Zángana, but if you decide to drink it in a wide glass (pint glass) we have two suggestions:

  • For a smooth and fruity sensation, pour the mead into the glass little by little, without pouring out the mead at the bottom of the bottle.
  • For a more complete experience and to enjoy a mead with character, empty the whole bottle and discover the Zángana in all its splendour.

You can also drink it straight from the bottle and experience a mixture of the two options above. Each to their own!

hidromiel zangana sin gluten

Pairing your Zángana

With nuts, appetizers, cured or goat cheeses, desserts… The different varieties of Zángana pair with almost everything. It can also be served as a dessert wine, especially our Spiced Zángana Mead which, being semi-sweet, will not contrast too much but will accompany the end of each meal perfectly.

Each variety of Zángana Mead can be paired with different types of dishes. It pairs with infinite combinations, and we are sure that each of you has your own favourite. Be sure to share it with us on our social networks! We will be delighted to know how you enjoy our Zánganas.

hidromiel zangana sin gluten

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